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De Soto exterminating understands our customers needs and we look forward to filling those needs with effective solutions to termite and pest control problems. Family owned and operated since 1986 we can offer highly trained technicians that cover a wide range of pest control services including, residential, commercial, industrial, and small to large buildings.

At De Soto exterminating we are a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and we understand the priority and satisfaction of our customer base. As a family owned and operated business we can provide personal and caring service to every client.

De Soto Exterminating Follows All Arizona Law Pest Removal Protocols

Termite Control

Termite problems are prominent and every homeowner needs to get a regularly scheduled termite inspection before and after selling your home.

Termite Inspection


De Soto exterminating offers professional and high quality termite inspections. Our personal service with more than 25 years experience has been developed and made efficient through the 25 years of service.

Termite Exterminators

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De Soto exterminating offers experience and peace of mind through professional high-quality service. We care about the safety of your family and offer child and pet friendly termite eradication methods. Fully certified licensed and bonded in Arizona

    Rodent Control

    Rodents can be an embarrassing and costly nuisance in your home and can cause considerable damage. They are known to carry and spread over 35 different diseases that can be spread directly to humans through touch and secondary means. Not only are they damaging to your home but they can be dangerous to your health if left unchecked.
    They will eat anything that a human eats and can contaminate any food that they have gotten into. Rodents are able to squeeze and crawl through the tiniest of spaces making them masters at entering a home without your knowledge.
    At De Soto Exterminating we're trained to catch rodents and eliminate their entry points and keep them under control and at bay.

    Bee Control

    Bees are a vital part of our lives, but when they invade your home they can become a dangerous and damaging problem for the homeowner. Left unchecked colonies can get very large in a short period of time and can be very dangerous to both humans and animals alike.

    We recommend that nests be taken care of as soon as possible. De Soto Exterminating has what it takes to deal with your bee problem, no matter the size!

    Bed Bugs Arizona

    Arizona law outlines bed-bug protocol

    Bed Bugs of Arizona a small yet damaging bug when invited into your home. Usually brought into the home by used Mattresses or Furniture that you may have found in the alley or thrift store. It's likely that you are not noticing the tiny creatures but may notice small bug bites on your legs and such. Although bed bugs are not known to spread disease you may consider De Soto Exterminating for professional pest removal. De Soto Pest Control Services follows all Arizona State bed-bug removal protocols. Call Us For A Free Consultation

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